“Ed Fella, please report to the lost and found”

If you’re familiar with Ed Fella’s work, you might know of what he calls his “after-the-fact” flyers—when a visiting artist would come to lecture at CalArts, Ed would create an announcement flyer long after the event was over. Back in 1995 when I was attending CalArts, SMOG came and spoke to the students and Ed [...]

I Shot The Serif

We often spend countless hours researching type to find just the right letterforms that express exactly the character of a given project. Occasionally, we have the luxury of time to make a custom typeface. Below are some examples of custom type we were lucky enough to develop for our clients. In addition to creating something [...]

Mellow Gold and Hot Pink

Just got the advances on the Beck book by Autumn de Wilde (available November 9 from Chronicle). It is a thing of beauty – an object to behold, and unfold. The dust jacket opens up to a 2-sided circular poster. That’s Autumn and studio manager Sarah showing you how it’s done! Pretty fancy indeed. Cover [...]

Exit-level Design

We got a visit today from prolific designer Ed Fella, who stopped by for lunch and showed us a couple of his new sketchbooks along with photos of his summer trip to France. Now, in his mid-70s, he’s coined himself an “exit-level designer.” He no longer engages in commercial work, instead focusing on his personal [...]

Hot fun in the summertime!

Here’s the latest riff on the SMOG logo, brought to you by our awesome summer intern Chris Burnett. When I saw it I exclaimed “Dude…that is so totally tubular!” To which he replied, “Yeah, I’m LMAO.” And if you’d like a little flair to add to your Dolphin shorts, Flashdance sweatshirt or Labor Day BBQ apron, [...]

Went Diving Today

Oops!… We Did It Again

BRITNEY SPEARS SHATTERS RECORDS WITH “HOLD IT AGAINST ME” #1 On iTunes Songs Chart Sets new one-day precedent as single tops charts within hours of its release. And check this out: http://buzzworthy.mtv.com/2011/01/10/britney-spears-hold-it-against-me-art/