Heading North on Interstate 87 (part 1)

Friday July 8, 2011, 8AM Landing at JFK on the AA redeye from L.A., I quickly make my way to the rental car counter and on to one of my favorite places – the Holz Farm in Phoenicia, NY. I’m working with George Holz this weekend on his celebrity portrait book documenting almost 30 years [...]


That’s what the boys in the Siss*Boom*Bang have taken to calling their lead-singer, ms. kathryn dawn lang. As they kick-off their U.S. tour in Rochester, NY tomorrow, I leave you with this undeniable evidence of her bad-assness. k-daddy has allowed me to take her photo many times – and these are 3 of my favorite [...]

Another Day, Another Deadline

Jeri photographed k.d. making final touches on her outfit for the upcoming sold-out Troubadour show on Monday. Between flying in from Australia and countless interviews it’s amazing that she still finds time to sew her own costumes… under the watchful eye of legendary tailor Jaime and her wardrobe stylist Bob Sparkman. The second shot is [...]

I Love the Smell of Ink in the Morning

Just received printed samples of k.d.’s forthcoming album Sing it Loud, out on April 12. Turned out great!

I Confess!

k.d. lang and the Siss Boom Bang’s first single, I Confess, off of their forthcoming album was released today. There’s no doubt lang’s die-hard fans are already reveling in it’s majesty. Check it out and get a taste of things to come!

Sing It Loud!

Can we tell you how excited we are about k.d. lang’s upcoming album – Sing It Loud? We’re super-duper excited. k.d. is in rare form working with co-producer Joe Pisapia (formerly of Guster) and a really fantastic new band – The Siss•Boom•Bang. Do you love k.d.’s soaring vocals? Then you’ll be one happy camper. Do you [...]