“Ed Fella, please report to the lost and found”

Posted on | March 23, 2012 | Posted by Glen Nakasako

If you’re familiar with Ed Fella’s work, you might know of what he calls his “after-the-fact” flyers—when a visiting artist would come to lecture at CalArts, Ed would create an announcement flyer long after the event was over. Back in 1995 when I was attending CalArts, SMOG came and spoke to the students and Ed proceeded to design his flyer, but never finished it because of a flood in his studio.


I ran into Ed last year and he told me he had found some of the beginnings of his SMOG flyer, but it was water damaged and missing the “G”. When he offered it to us, I emphatically said yes! So we finally received it today, complete with a newly drawn “G”. Thanks Ed!