When Chrome Was King

Posted on | October 22, 2011 | Posted by Jeri Heiden

My father was an unabashed classic car enthusiast. He got his first hot rod at age 15. He ran it into a tree, went flying over the windshield, dusted himself off and a life-long love affair with the automobile was born. Growing up we had a constant stream of “new” old cars parked in our driveway. Dad never wanted to keep any one car for too long. He’d buy (or trade) them, restore them, drive them for a while and move on. There was always another must-have car waiting in the want ads. Over the course of his lifetime my Dad would own over 80 classic cars. A few that I’ll never forget are pictured here.

Hudson Hornet, Ford Thunderbird (hard-top convertible), Ford Sunliner, Jaguar XK-E, Renault Dauphine, Rambler.

Camaro SS Convertible (twice as nice when you have a pair), Plymouth Barracuda (my first car), Plymouth Fury III.