Hot fun in the summertime!

Here’s the latest riff on the SMOG logo, brought to you by our awesome summer intern Chris Burnett. When I saw it I exclaimed “Dude…that is so totally tubular!” To which he replied, “Yeah, I’m LMAO.” And if you’d like a little flair to add to your Dolphin shorts, Flashdance sweatshirt or Labor Day BBQ apron, [...]

Nick’s out of town so we can post anything we want about him.

Many of you already know one of SMOG’s designers – Nick Steinhardt. What you may not know is that in addition to his mad design skills, he also plays guitar in a hardcore band. They are Touché Amoré and they have a new album out – Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me. They’ll be [...]

Get In My Belly!

Today SMOG got a visit from Matt and Tara of Heirloom LA—our favorite catering company. They dropped off a “taco bar” spread which we immediately took much pleasure in devouring. They have a surplus of strawberries right now, so they included this incredible strawberry trifle which we just couldn’t stop eating. So berry tasty.

Heading North on Interstate 87 (part 1)

Friday July 8, 2011, 8AM Landing at JFK on the AA redeye from L.A., I quickly make my way to the rental car counter and on to one of my favorite places – the Holz Farm in Phoenicia, NY. I’m working with George Holz this weekend on his celebrity portrait book documenting almost 30 years [...]

Where It’s At!

I got two turntables and a microphone . . . We just put the finishing touches on the photography book BECK by Autumn de Wilde, which will be released November 16th on Chronicle Books. It was an epic undertaking helping to bring form to 16 years of documentary and portrait photography. The day ended with the [...]

When The Sun Goes Down

Now that you’ve all seen Selena embrace full on 1920s glamour, we thought we should show what else she can pull off. To compliment Kate Turning’s beautiful photography, we created each of these vintage-styled album covers and custom lettering to take her through the eras on her new record When The Sun Goes Down.