Gone but not forgotten

While browsing the Vintage Paper Fair last weekend in Glendale, John spotted these lovelies. We collect all kinds of ephemera and photos, and have a weakness for anything that captures that special human-canine bond. These photos are decades old and long-ago discarded, but the affection between the subjects is still palpable.

When The Sun Goes Down

Selena tweeted her new album cover this morning. We, in the mean time, are hard at work putting finishing touches on the rest of the package. We’re happy to see that her fans are excited about her vintage 20′s look. Lots more surprises to come inside!

Smooth Operator

Sade has taken the stage again after a 10-year hiatus and the reviews are in – she’s at her best ever. “World Class!”, “Goddess of Soul”, “Timeless Beauty” and “The Discreet Queen of Jazz” are among the superlatives. Can’t wait to see her when she comes to the States. We are happy to have worked [...]