We love them all for different reasons.

We’ve been busy little elves here at SMOG. While most of you were taking a nice holiday break, we were burning the midnight oil in our design workshop putting finishing touches on some great records that are about to hit retailers shelves and your iTunes store very soon. Check out these new releases from Punch [...]

Nick’s out of town so we can post anything we want about him.

Many of you already know one of SMOG’s designers – Nick Steinhardt. What you may not know is that in addition to his mad design skills, he also plays guitar in a hardcore band. They are Touché Amoré and they have a new album out – Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me. They’ll be [...]

Another Day, Another Deadline

Jeri photographed k.d. making final touches on her outfit for the upcoming sold-out Troubadour show on Monday. Between flying in from Australia and countless interviews it’s amazing that she still finds time to sew her own costumes… under the watchful eye of legendary tailor Jaime and her wardrobe stylist Bob Sparkman. The second shot is [...]