“Don’t Make Me Go Back To Lompoc!”

Today was Scott Schaller’s last day at SMOG as an extern* (yeah we had to look it up too). He spent a week at SMOG observing the daily goings on of a working design firm and is taking his experience back to share with his students at Cabrillo High School, where he runs the graphic [...]

Changing of the Guard

For the first time ever, Smog has two summer interns this year—though not at the same time. Bijan’s (left) first day was yesterday and Chris’ (right) last day was Friday. Why do they look so chummy? They both happen to be in the same class at CalArts and they’re BFFs who often collaborate on projects. [...]

Hot fun in the summertime!

Here’s the latest riff on the SMOG logo, brought to you by our awesome summer intern Chris Burnett. When I saw it I exclaimed “Dude…that is so totally tubular!” To which he replied, “Yeah, I’m LMAO.” And if you’d like a little flair to add to your Dolphin shorts, Flashdance sweatshirt or Labor Day BBQ apron, [...]

Generation Next

SMOG got a visit from Scott Schaller and his students at Cabrillo High last week. Scott runs the design program at his school and organizes several field trips a year to expose his students to design institutions and working professionals. We had just received a shipment of new SMOG t-shirts earlier that day, hot off the [...]