It’s the little things.

While walking this morning I spotted many of my neighbors putting finishing touches on their outdoor holiday decorations. Perhaps they’re having guests over for a party this evening or just enjoying the abundant sunshine. In Silverlake you don’t see many homes decked out with dozens of strands of colored lights and oversized lawn objects. More [...]

Fallen Fruit

Our volunteer tomato plant is ripe for the picking. Smoggy suggests avoiding the lower yield since we are only a couple blocks from the canine park.


We’ve blogged a lot about the delicious food our friend’s over at Heirloom LA make – (lasagna cupcakes anyone?) Here’s a preview of the packaging design we have started doing for them. First up – Heirloom LA/McGrath Farms Organic Strawberry Jam. Can’t wait to show you more. Photos: Aaron Shintaku

Currently Trending

Marie Turnor Accessories are hotter than hot right now, thanks to owner Beth Goodman’s simple, chic designs. Her picnic and dinner clutches (buttery leather cleverly fashioned into faux paper bags) have the blogs all abuzz, including this one. We designed Marie Turnor’s logo. Available at these Silverlake merchants: Mohawk General Store | Lake Boutique

I Miss Netty’s

What I wouldn’t give right now for a taste of her roasted pasilla pepper with shrimp, corn and feta cheese. Or the warm seafood salad with scallops, shrimp, toasted almonds, orange wedges and mesclun. I get a little weepy thinking about the spicy sausage sandwich with smoked mozzarella, tomato and green peppers or the grilled [...]

Went Diving Today

Best Wurst in Silverlake

We checked out Silverlake’s newest eatery today – Berlin Currywurst. It’s ordinary street food in Germany but the presentation and offerings here elevate the experience. All in attendance agreed . . . it’s delicious. Go and get you some. 

Found You!

It’s surprising how a simple message can evoke such a simple emotion. I smile as I pass this everyday on the way to SMOG. It’s the work of local artist Philip Lumbang III and you can check him out here. I shot this one a couple years ago. Too bad it was painted over a [...]

We love Autumn.

Come on down tomorrow night for Autumn de Wilde’s Death Cab for Cutie book signing at Intelligentsia. Music. Books. Coffee. Yum.


I’ve been walking to work quite a lot lately (New Year’s resolutions and all). Here are a few of the things I see along the way. Gotta love this neighborhood.

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