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If Thelonious Monk was right when he said, “A genius is the one most like himself,” what follows is a modest attempt at genius. We’ll begin by telling you what we’re not: Smog is not a “digital agency,” although we think it would be interesting to do more digital work. Smog is not an advertising agency, although we’re not averse to doing the odd ad (the odder the better). We’re “cross-disciplined” only in the sense that we love solving problems of all sorts, but it wouldn’t be honest of us to shy away from communicating our primary passions: Print, Typography, Photography, Packaging.

In an age of ever-expanding “new media,” it may seem sacrilegious to admit to a love for decidedly “old media.” But, the way we see it, somebody has to keep the old media new. Logos and type design still need to be informed and fresh. Packaging and books still need to be crafted to be desirable as objects in themselves.

Someone might look at the work we do for our high-profile clients and assume that we are probably artistes and aesthetes who sleep until noon and think of things like deadlines and budgets as “suggestions.” Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Most of us are up by ten, eleven at the latest. Actually, you might be surprised to discover just how meticulous, fastidious and responsible we are. We have to be, because our clients often need that attention to detail. There has to be a reason why they keep coming back to Smog and it might have something to do with the fact that we care about what we do as much as they care about what they do. And they usually care an awful lot about what they do.

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